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Showing 1 - 12 of 149 items

The history of the Twin Set brand begins in Modena, at the beginning of the 90s, thanks to Simona Barbieri , now its creative director, and her husband Tiziano Sgarbi. In the space of thirty years it will establish itself as one of the companies guaranteeing the best Made in Italy .

Specialized at first, in fact, in the creation of twin sets and knitwear in general, the lines of the brand make their entry fully into the world of fashion with collections that embrace every aspect of fashion: dresses , trousers , bags , accessories , intimate and more, with proposals for the day and for the evening.

Every Twin Set collection is mostly dedicated to the female body, with no age limit: from Twin Set girl to outfit for every kind of woman, the proposals of brand accompany the woman in their growth and everyday life, and they are all marked by a certain dreaming romanticism and practicality, with timeless details such as lace and sequins .

The Twin Set clothes can indeed be romantic and delicate, characterized by soft and sinuous lines to caress your body and give it a new interpretation of sensuality ; those for girls, however, play with colors, shapes and cute details to learn from an early age the beauty of a fun and elegant look: maxi stelle , balze , lace , fur inserts and much more for jackets , sweatshirts , trousers and adorable dresses for girls .

In addition to the clothes, there are the Twin Set tops, characterized by colors and prints that are always original and inspired by the mood of the season; the shirts and blouses Twin set , however, embrace every need: from the classic for the formal work appointment, to the most imaginative, with details and frivolities that make them perfect for the most sought after outfits or carefree. Combine these tops with Twin Set skirts or trousers , choosing from various lengths ( short skirt , long skirt or super chic longuette ) and trousers more or less casual or elegant and skinny .

The Twin Set bags , as well as the shoes , can not miss among the accessories chosen to complete your look in the name of your brand of choice: invest from same romantic and dreamy inspiration, abound of prints , maxi flakes , flowers and much more to add a touch of grace even to the most practical of your outfits.

Have you already discovered the Twin-Set 2018 collection? You will find many interesting proposals to renew your wardrobe with exclusive items in step with the times. If instead you prefer to consult the catalog of the previous seasons, do not forget to browse through our Twin Set outlet : you will find many occasions at exceptional prices, with balances up to 70% .