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K-Way is a brand that was born in Paris in 1965 from an idea by Leon Claude Duhamel on a lucky rainy day. Since then, the K-Way jackets have become an icon to indicate waterproof and breathable jackets.

The K-Way jacket was initially sold in sports stores, not in sight compared to other products in the market. Soon the brand is re-launched, becoming a waterproof at the head elegant and casual at the same time.

Today it is a symbol of style, capable of making a serene and clear a rainy mood, giving it a touch of originality with the K-Way logo .

The variety of materials used for K-Way products is surprising: Le Vrai Leon Banda jacket, entirely made of polyamide, is surprisingly light, resistant to shocks and deterioration, solvents, oils, fats and fuels. Indestructible! Another material used to make K-Way products is polyester , as in the comfortable Rainer Spacer sweatshirt. But the real protagonist of K-Way jackets is nylon : unique in its kind.

The practicality of raincoat K-Way is noticeable in their subtlety: they occupy a minimal space, so much so that they can be inserted into a pocket, and have no folds.

But do not be content to dress well and at ease only when it's raining: take a look at the K-way trousers 100% cotton and the soft K-Way sweatshirts , suitable for a rainy day, but also to go out during a sunny day: kangaroo pocket, hood with drawstring and side band with logo in contrasting color.

K-Way jackets in wool and nylon? Perfect match for a trendy and classic garment, exceptional for those who love comfort and stay warm, thanks to the soft duck feathers.

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