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Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items

Philippe Model is a brand specialized in the craftsmanship of sneakers of Parisian style. What makes the Philippe Model sneakers elegant and stylish is the emblem of the brand, a shield, in the silver and gold variables. It reflects the originality and the refinement of the city in which they were born, Paris. A street style in step with the times, but at the same time a symbol of particularity and originality. That extra touch that only Philippe Model articles can offer.

The French style joins the quality of Made in Italy , creating a perfect match that will make you feel comfortable and unique, like yours Philippe Model sneakers . The leather used is high quality , typical of the shoes Made in Italy , comforting and suitable for every occasion.

Are you looking for a gift that will amaze your partner? Take a look at the Philippe Model women's shoes and Philippe Model men , you will not regret it!

The Philippe Model women's shoes are chic and casual at the same time. Do you have a whimsical and original character? Try the Monaco L sneakers , with transfer in fuchsia or silver sequins, contrasting heel, camosciata leather, all immersed in a light pink or cold white, suitable for an elegant suit or to accompany jeans and a t-shirt. Perfect both for the day and for the evening.

Do you want to understand who you are? Variation in the choice of shoes: test from the simplest model at the most extravagant and original. The Tropez L sneakers and the Monaco L with fabric inserts, available in various colors, they are simple but at the same time original, exceptional for free time and work.

Fed up with having to adapt to casual? Try the latest arrivals: Monaco L vintage sneakers , in red, green and yellow, white, blue and orange, yellow, blue and blue.

If you are a sportsman, the Monaco LU Trekking sneakers are for you.

Your ideal shoes are waiting for you! It reflects who you are and stay updated for the next ones Philippe Model sales .