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Fashion Motel diffusione moda The brand Motel diffusione moda has a strong identity and a style that is constantly updated. The company was founded in 2006 out of a passion for the style of Mady in Italy fashion , which has always been characterized by accuracy in the choice of materials and details. From this historical awareness comes the Motel style, modern and dynamic, with an easy to wear and daily mood.From the creation of the new chief by the Motel designers to the realization of the garment, an extraordinarily short time passes: about ten days. The flash collections are aimed at a female and young public, able to appreciate the originality of classic cuts combined with original prints and reinterpretations, with high quality fabrics.Motel clothes cater to every need of today's woman. tops, skirts, trousers, coats and much more, full of elegance that is not obvious and always original and versatile.The Dresses Motel diffusione moda are endowed with a casual elegance that tells of who wears them a real attitude to life. They are elegant but without being imaginative, careful to enhance the forms but to leave a practicality that is practical and never forced. Tulle and sequins make their appearance, both in clothes and in the top Motels : the most characteristic are perhaps the tank tops and the blouses, with basic designs that make them perfect for use in formal contexts such as under-jackets, or as a comfort garment with your favorite jeans. Skirts and Motel trousers meet the needs of any time of the day: wide and colorful longuette skirts join rigorous garments such as sheath skirts made, for example, in leather, so as not to lose the urban chic touch that characterizes the brand. Among the pants, many are those that have comfortable or fluffy cuts, with original and multicolor prints. Motel jackets and coats are also interesting: from the classic leather revisited and refined by the application of ruches to long trunks and coats with new patterns.

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You can find Motel online on Khlo? Femme and consult the assortment of models and color variants. Motel clothing prices are moderate and well calibrated with the quality of the products offered by the brand."