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Find out what's new for spring/summer 2024 season by Aniye By!

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Aniye By and its mood

Aniye By is a Made in Italy brand that entered the fashion world in 2000, designed by Alessandra Marchi. Youthful, fresh, rock, romantic: Aniye By's clothing style aims to dress a self-confident woman who knows she has an asset in her femininity and no intention of giving it up. On the contrary: it is precisely in daring that she finds her way of being glamorous and feminine. As the brand itself defines itself, Aniye By is a 'well-dressed thought': a way of being, of living, of telling its story.

Aniye By clothes: what features?

Aniye By clothes are extravagant, explosive in shape or in the choice of colours: the spring-summer collection plays with volumes and lengths and is characterised by a bursting yet delicate flower print, to be found in jumpsuits and dresses. Plenty of space is also given to typically feminine fashion motifs, such as lace, sequins and tulle, though never used in a banal manner. Lace becomes sweet as well as sexy, tulle appears in the most unexpected garments (as in sweatshirts), sequins are always that touch that does not weigh down but makes everything more fashionable: but only if you know how to see beyond and dare!

New collection and Aniye By outlet

In our online shop: you will find Aniye By long dresses, jumpsuits, belts and more to create or complete your outfits from the current collections but not only. Browse the sales page or the outlet section of the site to find the brand's products discounted all year round, saving up to half the price.