We invite you to read until the end to understand the steps and conditions for optimal handling of the package.

At Khloèfemme, we work for your happiness! If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can return one or more items (within 14 days from the delivery date, including holidays) and receive a refund equal to the price of the returned products or an exchange.

It is important to note that the products intended for return must not have been used, and the return must adhere to the specified timeframes. Please be aware that refunds can only be processed for orders placed through the website. Orders placed through other channels such as WhatsApp, chat, or email are eligible for returns (subject to the conditions mentioned) but not for refunds. The same applies to orders for items not listed on the website and specially requested for the customer from various manufacturing companies.

In all cases (website purchase/non-website purchase), return shipping costs and customs/duty fees for return/exchange are your responsibility and cannot be reimbursed, as per legal provisions.

You can exchange purchased items for other products. The terms and instructions regarding the right of withdrawal, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 21/2014, art. 49, paragraph 4, are published on the "Terms and Conditions of Sale" page. Following is a brief operational explanation, which does not replace the complete acceptance of what is stated on the "Terms and Conditions of Sale" page.

At Khloèfemme, we want to make any operation on your part easy, so we find it appropriate to provide you with guidelines to ensure the smoothness of our relationship with you, the customer.

Take care when trying your purchased product: in case of damage, missing or damaged original hanging labels, the item will be considered irreparably depreciated and unsellable, with a value of 0.00 euros for that reason.

Other precautions include:

  1. We do not accept returned items that are not in the same condition as you received them. This means they cannot be altered, used, or changed in color, fragrance, or structure. They must not have been washed, ironed, or treated in any way. No odors such as sweat, perfumes, smoke, or others should be perceptible.
  2. Upon receiving the package, ensure that the security seal, all fabric or hanging labels are perfectly intact and present. If anything is missing, kindly inform us immediately and not at a later time.
  3. The right of return applies to the purchased product in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the purchased product.

We also ask you to adhere to the deadlines for communication and return of the item:

  • The package with your return must be physically handed over to the courier within 14 days (including holidays) from the delivery date. This implies that the return request must be made within the same timeframe. For clarity, we remind you here that return shipping costs are at your expense.
  • The package with your return must reach our warehouses within 14 days from your shipping date. We suggest using an express courier and insuring the shipment to protect yourself from issues such as delays and losses. Refer to the dedicated section on the scheduled pickup service to find out how to use this service instead.

Important: The package containing the return travels at your cost and responsibility. We cannot be responsible for any losses, damages due to improper packaging, and delays in delivery.

Keep in mind that the terms mentioned above also apply to items purchased on sale, which you can return with the same care and conditions.

ATTENTION: The package must be delivered to:
Via S. Gaspare Bertone 5/7
95030 Tremestieri Etneo Italy

Packages not delivered to the store will not be collected at the post office.

How is the refund processed?

As soon as we have examined the products you returned, you will be refunded through the same payment method used for the purchase and as quickly as possible. Namely:

  • Credit to your credit card (if you paid by credit card)
  • Bank transfer (if you paid by bank transfer or cash on delivery)
  • PayPal credit (if you paid with PayPal) as quickly as possible.

You can choose to receive a Purchase Voucher instead of a refund.

To maintain mutual trust and provide you with excellent service, we ask you to respect the conditions listed so far, which are actually straightforward. If you have problems creating the return request or any other concerns, we are here to help: do not hesitate to contact us!

Failure to comply with the above conditions unfortunately compels us to reject your return and, if desired, return the items to you at your expense.

Thank you for your attention and happy shopping with Khloèfemme!