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They're called accessories, but they're often fundamental in giving the right tone to your clothing.

In the selection of Khloè Femme you will find belts, hats, headscarves, socks, scarves and everyday objects such as helmets and the indispensable mobile phone holder: a way to feel complete and impeccable, with all your comforts.

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If it is true that the devil is hidden in the details, great importance must be given to these: not only because they can add style to your clothing, but also because they help to make you feel comfortable in various circumstances.

Belts, for example, can have different uses: from the common belt to wear on your jeans every day to the high-waisted belts Elisabetta Franchi, or chain belts that look like real jewelry, to refine or embellish clothes for various occasions and suits.

The same goes for scarves and scarves, where Manila Grace scarves stand out for their design and the quality of their materials: not only do they fulfil their "protective" function, but they also enrich your combinations with an extra touch of colour.

More than everyday use, they are wallets, card holders or mobile phone holders, but not underestimated in style by their designers: Pinko, Twin-set or Manila Grace wallets often feature prints or applications that fit in well with the mood of the current collection.

Finally, browse our selection of socks, hair accessories and gloves to not overlook even one detail of your look and make your own the mood of Khloè Femme.