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You can tie the headscarf around your neck, tie it around your face, use it to cover or style your hair, to decorate your accessories such as bags or hats, or do as Grace Kelly, who even used it to support her fractured arm: the important thing, and it's clear, is to use it!

Elegant, colorful, precious: the favorite accessory of the stars that will make you feel a little more diva in your days.

Different sizes and materials depending on the season, but with the constant to be made of high quality fabrics. In our category dedicated to headscarves you will find Elisabetta Franchi, Karl Lagerfeld and, above all, Manila Grace headscarves, iconic pieces from each collection that reflect the prints and colours of the brand. Warm shades and pastel shades to delicately complete your outfits, perfect to wear on shirts or neutral coats to revive with the prints and colors you choose.

What if instead of thinking about shopping just for you, you're looking for women's gift ideas? You are in the right category!