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Even if they are hidden inside the bags, they are accessories that in turn must be chosen with great care: wallets must be matched more to your way of being than to the rest of the accessories you choose for our outfit!

What to aim for when you choose one or decide to use it as a gift idea for women? Quality and comfort! And even more, it is not a seasonal accessory: you can give or buy one at any time of the year.

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Wallet with logo and studs
Wallet with logo and studs
Suede effect wallet
Suede effect wallet
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Since it will be really difficult to have a wallet matched from time to time to the rest of your outfit, let the wallet choose you. Think about your habits: do you only carry the essentials with you, or are you the kind of woman who keeps all your shopping cards, restaurant cards and even your dog's photos in there? Then you need an extra-large accessory, at least for everyday life!

You can find comfortable examples among the Manila Grace wallets: rectangular, spacious, made of eco-leather and in the same colour palette and prints as the leather goods of the year, well organized in internal compartments for cards, coins and more.

More dynamic and resized are some Karl Lagerfeld or Guess wallets, pocket-sized and designed for your smaller bags and evening outings. And for the more minimalist clutches or to have just the essentials with you? Choose a card holder that's easy to carry and not bulky at all.