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Sexy, jaunty, a style designed for those who like to mix and match in their looks, to be daring and not take themselves seriously: this is Aniye By, a brand to be discovered.

Have you already discovered the Spring-Summer 2024 New Arrivals? Lace, tulle and ruffles  the three recurring elements of the season, finding their ever-original declination to give you clothing ranging from a more aggressive and rock mood to a more elegant and seductive style for glamorous occasions.

Discover the brand's must-have on Khloè Femme, and bring out your gritty and determined side.

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Aniye By Clothing and Accessories

There is no improvisation in Aniye By clothing; it is the result of careful study and reinterpretation of vintage pieces that blend padded shoulders with draping, animal prints with more carefree motifs, as seen in the patterns of floral dresses. A niche brand founded in 2000 by designer Alessandra Marchi, it has earned its place thanks to its unconventional creative approach. This has attracted the attention of young influencers who serve as ambassadors or have been ambassadors (from the fresh Maneskin to the well-established web star Chiara Ferragni). The style combines urban solutions and mini cuts with more classic models, dedicated to a less overt elegance, such as doll-style dresses and long shirt dresses.

From every Aniye By collection, expect bold pieces, from captivating evening dresses full of charm and originality to sweaters with pop and punk prints, exaggerated volumes, and disruptions, with a color palette ranging from vibrant and flashy tones to more neutral hues. You can find not only clothing but also a range of accessories to complement your outfits in the direction of a total look perfectly in line with the brand's style: belts, shoes, bags, and outerwear.

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Aniye By Online Outlet Spring/Summer - Fall/Winter

With such a distinctive style, it will be challenging for onlookers to determine which collection the garment you're wearing belongs to. There is a common thread that ties all seasons together, rooted in the innovative strength of this brand, which draws inspiration from current trends and interprets them in a wholly unique way.

This seems like an excellent reason to invite you to take a look at the Aniye By sales and outlet selection: a wide assortment to purchase women's clothing and accessories at discounted prices all year round.