Aniye By 2022

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Sexy, jaunty, a style designed for those who like to mix and match their looks, dare with prints and don't take themselves seriously: this is the style of Aniye By, a brand to be discovered.

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There is no improvisation in Aniye By's clothes: they are the result of study and reinterpretations of vintage garments, combining padded shoulder straps with draping, animal prints with more carefree motifs, as in the patterns of floral dresses.
A niche brand, best known thanks to young influencers who are or have been its ambassadors (such as Maneskin and Chiara Ferragni), Aniye Bye combines urban solutions and mini cuts with more classic models with a less cheeky elegance, such as little dresses and long chemises.
Each Aniye By collection caters for different parts of your outfit, from clothing to bags, belts and shoes, giving you the chance to create a total look in line with the brand's style.
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