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Dramée (dall'inglese ''dream'') è un brand Italiano che non smette mai di conoscere il mondo della moda femminile; la creatività e la cura dei suoi design conferisce a chi li indossa un fascino elegante, che si arricchisce di colori luminosi e fantasie eccentriche, impossibile resistere! 


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Dramee: a brand to discover

Dramee is the new brand that has rightfully entered the Khloèfemme top ranks. A feminine and modern style, the Spring Summer 2023 collection does not hesitate to play with colours and the most cheerful and summery tropical and floral prints.

Dramee clothing: dresses and suits

Whether it is a Dramee suit or a dress, the hallmark of the current collection is colour. Among the colours for the suits are turquoise and green, with double-breasted jackets that you can pair with either flared trousers or cute high-waisted miniskirts. If you are looking for a Dramee long dress, there are proposals in laminated fabric, as well as interesting solutions such as the long dress with maxi slit that provides an intriguing see-through effect thanks to the overlapping of a maxi tulle skirt with the dress miniskirt. The collection does not lack a space dedicated to the colour of the year, magenta, proposed in both long and short, as well as in a ceremony version.

Dramee online shop

On our site you can find a selection of Dramee clothing, a series of garments chosen to start you off with this brand among our top brands. Shop using our customer care service via Whatsapp to get more details on the garments and continue your shopping to discover a new style opportunity: guarantee Khloè!