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Are you looking for an Elisabetta Franchi bag to match your outfit? You've come to the right place: many different colours, many ways of being worn, different ways of adapting or completing your style: on Khloè Femme you will find the largest online assortment of Elisabetta Franchi bags.

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Shoulder bags are the best for the day. Their design is practical: they are often spacious and suitable to carry everything you need for you. You can choose a rigid and more elegant bag for office or business appointment contexts, or a Manila Grace bag. If you prefer to focus on style, look for an accessory Elisabetta Franchi: always in step with the latest trends in colors and fabrics.

Handbags, instead, can be useful in different occasions, just keep in mind two variants: size and material. Manila Grace hand bags, like the much sought-after Felicia bags, are certainly more suitable for the day. They are made of soft leather, equipped with a practical whole clutch and a shoulder strap that can be attached when necessary. Elisabetta Franchi handbags, on the other hand, with gold details and gold chain handles, are already more suitable for the evening. Exceptions are the shoppers, which you can also find Karl Lagerfield logotypes, such as the spacious weekenders, suitable to complete your travel sets.

The same is right about crossbody bag, an accessory to be chosen with care to avoid falls in style. They often hide a secret: the shoulder strap is removable, which transforms them into handy handbags or pochettes, or adjustable, to adapt it to your needs. More evening or glamorous outings are the Karl Lagerfeld bags, made of dark leather, with iconic applications that soften the tone or logo in contrast. In leather but in several colours, instead, you can find Manila Grace crossbody bags. Finally, the Elisabetta Franchi are as daily as they are for an event.

Clutches and clutches are strictly event bags. Evening, ceremony, gala: these are the moments when you can not give up a bag of this category. Elegant materials and precious metal details, rhinestones, ribbons: choose your evening dress and match the right clutch bag, playing with colors and other accessories. Envelope bags are often accompanied by bracelets that allow you to secure them to your wrist and carry them with you with more ease. The absence of shoulder straps also makes them particularly suitable if you wear embroidered clothes: the clutch bags are sequin-proof!

We are definitely on other tones, finally, with backpacks and waistbags, accessories that have become fully-fledged among the options that you can use in your everyday life and no longer relegated to secondary areas. Comfortable and youthful, you will find many brands, such as Karl Lagerfied, with external pockets and straps, the classic Manila Grace or the more fashionable Elisabetta Franchi. Elisabetta Franchi waistbags, on the other hand, are made of luxury materials (eco-leather, rhinestone and gold applications) and often have a removable shoulder strap so that they can be transformed into crossbodysts or clutches.

And for sport in its own right? Look for a gym bag from the Moves Line!