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Designed by the designer to give you garments that make you feel feminine and tidy on any occasion, from the office to leisure time, to the evening: these are the Elisabetta Franchi bodysuits and shirts, the perfect complement to any outfit.

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Embroidered, tulle, jersey, laminated, from the most casual to the most elegant: there is an Elisabetta Franchi bodysuit for every occasion! Embroidered bodysuits stand out in every collection. Made of delicate tulle, they create sensual see-through effects thanks to the arrangement of embroidery, strategically distributed to cover the breasts or to emphasize the beauty of the female form. Wear them with palazzo trousers, high-waisted skirts or skinny trousers, and also as an under-jacket for outfits you can create by mixing and matching.
Elisabetta Franchi shirts, on the other hand, are perfectly versatile: you can wear the same garment with a coordinated suit for your business moments, as well as with a fancy mini-skirt or a practical pair of jeans. A real ace up your sleeve of which you only have to choose the model that best suits your physique.