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Knitwear is a highlight of every season made in EF: maxi or mini cardigans, pullovers and Elisabetta Franchi sweaters are never lacking among the proposals, to allow you to always have a complete outfit and a garment suitable for every occasion, from the most casual to the most chic.

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What is there to know when you wear a bodysuit? The bodysuit, as much as a shirt, can be a perfect under-jacket for your office or business meeting outfits, as well as for formal events where you can match it, for example, with a blazer and palazzo pants. Beyond the objective beauty of the garment, don't underestimate the comfort of a garment that always stays in place, especially if you love to wear high-waisted garments. With a bodysuit, you'll stop trying to mirror yourself in every reflective surface to see if it's still well fitted: you know it for sure!

A treat we invite you to see are the Elisabetta Franchi tulle bodysuit. They are often embroidered leotards marked by the unmistakable taste of the designer who knows how to combine sensuality and refinement. You will love to wear them in gala occasions: a trail of light and charm.

A bodysuit-style shirt, on the other hand, will be more suitable for less formal moments - however elegant - and, in general, for everyday life. Soft and wide necklines, sleeves of different lengths, many colour variations: an experience of daily comfort.

Women's shirts, a bit like a miniskirt or trousers, were a conquest. Born as men's clothing, little by little the female universe has appropriated it, making it a must-have representative of fashions and seasons. Unlike the men's version, the women's shirt has evolved much more over time, enriching itself with details such as ruffles or bows, lace or bows, or playing with the length, symmetry, presence or absence of sleeves.  Necklines also play a role: you can find Manila Grace shirts off-shoulder, as well as round neckline shirts without buttoning or collar. Elisabetta Franchi shirts, on the other hand, even in the more classic version can stand out: the buttoning is usually hidden and the buttons at the cuffs are often gold or jewel buttons, sometimes presenting ribbons or ruffles.

Do you love softer and more fluid fits? Then choose a blouse!