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Knitwear is a highlight of every season made in EF: maxi or mini cardigans, pullovers and Elisabetta Franchi sweaters are never lacking among the proposals, to allow you to always have a complete outfit and a garment suitable for every occasion, from the most casual to the most chic.

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Elisabetta Franchi knitwear

In this category you will find knitwear products from every collection, from the lightest ribbed knitwear (with various sleeve lengths: short, three-quarter length, long) to jumpers to face the coldest temperatures without having to give up your style. The majority of the garments are available in a variety of colours so you can find the one that suits you best as well as having more choice.
If you love oversize fits, you'll find among Elisabetta Franchi sweaters also what's right for you: garments so wide and long that you can use them as a mini dress or match them perfectly with skinny trousers and leggings.

Elisabetta Franchi cardigans

Within the knitwear range, the Elisabetta Franchi cardigans are also not to be missed. From micro-cardigans with a crop cut to oversize ones with braids and other motifs that give them a vintage or artisanal allure, they are the perfect complement to an outfit that wants to be detailed and ready for any eventuality. There are also cardigans that represent the collection through the application of charms, different from season to season.

Elisabetta Franchi sweatshirts

Once upon a time you would have found them mostly separately, within the Moves line, but today Elisabetta Franchi sweatshirts are fully included in the main collection, with proposals that move away from the purely sporty world to get closer to that of everyday life. Alongside zip and hooded models are crop or oversize sweatshirts, featuring fun prints, logos or seasonal patterns, to be worn not only with joggers but also with jeans and skirts for your daily routine.