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Your bargain space - but also garments you won't find anywhere else! - at Khloè: explore the Elisabetta Franchi sales and compose your next outfits with super-discounted garments and accessories all year round, with proposals for all seasons.

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Elisabetta Franchi Outlet and 50% Off Sales Online

Elisabetta Franchi is an Italian brand that has been making waves for twenty years, with fans all over the world. Over time, it has established itself as a style guide, with outfits that transcend the years, united by a common thread of celebrating feminine beauty. The designer is meticulous in creating evergreen pieces, borrowing great classics from the fashion world—little black dresses, blazer dresses, elegant Red Carpet gowns, suits, and all kinds of tailored outfits—to reintroduce them each time with unique details, but always within the scope of timeless models, easy to wear season after season.

While it’s true that some prints and colors are particularly identifiable with a specific collection, it’s equally true that an Elisabetta Franchi garment or accessory never loses its charm. With such a stylish choice, you’ll never be out of fashion.

Elisabetta Franchi 50% Off

Elisabetta Franchi sales on Khloè are not just seasonal. In this section, you'll find 50% off discounts at any time of the year and for every season and occasion, thanks to our assortment of special offers in the catalog. Make the best use of our filters to navigate the category. By accessing the general sales, you will always find the previous season's collection at up to half price—in this case, the FW23 collection—and others in chronological order.

Use the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer filters to browse the sales opportunities by season.

Elisabetta Franchi Outlet

Did you know you can save even more than 50% on items from our Elisabetta Franchi outlet? Explore the products and discover promotions tailored to your purchase: you can add an extra 10% discount to the online sale. How about being the only one to flaunt a now-unavailable piece, bought at an exclusive price?

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