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Denim, velvet, faux leather, cotton: each season has its own fabric, but they all have the unmistakable style of this brand in common, which is also reflected in Manila Grace skirts. A femininity that focuses on mini and longuette cuts, that plays with shapes and asymmetries, that gives you garments that are easy to wear both during the day and in the evening. Get inspired and have fun with your next MG looks!

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Manila Grace skirts: mini, long and longuette

There really is something for everyone: Manila Grace skirts never cease to amaze with the originality of their cuts and prints, perfectly in line with the concept of each collection. Asymmetrical, with double fabrics, with wide flounces or pleats, they play with your silhouette to give your outfits original and fun daytime and leisure looks.

Want to complement them to the full? Browse through the selection of t-shirts and tops to find the perfect match: you'll find plenty of basics to match the most whimsical skirts, or printed tops to enrich your fancy look.