Marco Bologna

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Marco Bologna rappresenta la fusione della mente creativa di Marco Giugliano e Nicolò Bologna, entrambi designer italiani con esperienza in marchi di moda di lusso. Insieme lanciano collezioni prêt-à-porter da donna che mirano alla bellezza estetica,passando da uno stile a un altro. Innamorati dei vibes rock'n'roll, colori dinamici e non  e stampe stravaganti!

Marco Bologna: two designers for a unique style

From the creative collaboration between designers Marco Giuliano and Nicolò Bologna, a brand was born that brings together not only two visions but also their two names: Marco Bologna. Their shared passion for art, beauty and, last but not least, fashion, is the spark to start a successful partnership in the direction of a brand that quickly makes its way into the panorama of luxury clothing brands. An important union also from a geographical point of view: from Naples, in fact, comes Marco, while Nicolò is from Milan: from north to south, the result is an innovative and daring aesthetic that knows how to satisfy and dress the desires of every woman in a unique way.

The style of Marco Bologna

Already at the debut of the first collection in 2011, the brand caught the attention of the fashion world thanks to its skilful fusion of classic and contemporary, playful and provocative elements, in a continuous challenge to conventions and a celebration of individuality. In fact, they were selected by Franca Sozzani and Anna Wintour to present their second collection (SS12) at the 'Vogue Talents' event at Palazzo Morando in Milan, and for the occasion they created a capsule collection of T-shirts: this was but the beginning of a career full of awards and increasingly ambitious creations.

To define the style of these two designers united under one name we should definitely use these three adjectives: glamorous, daring and lively, in a perfect balance between Marco's eccentric gimmicks and visionary spirit and Nicolò's classic and refined elegance. The dresses are often embellished with sequin applications, elaborate embroidery and graphic prints, creating a look that stands out for its originality and versatility. The brand is known for its ability to reinvent fashion classics, reinterpreting them in a contemporary and daring way. Marco Bologna's must-have items include cocktail and evening dresses, embellished with eccentric details and unique silhouettes. The garments are designed for the confident, daring woman who loves to experiment with fashion, and are designed to express the personality and creativity of the wearer, turning each outfit into a statement of style and individuality. Find out more at