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People of Shibuya is an Italian brand known for its contemporary and urban chic style. The brand draws inspiration from the culture and lifestyle of the famous Shibuya area in Tokyo, reflecting the energy and diversity of city life. Their designs are modern and functional, with attention to detail and quality materials designed to fit urban life, combining comfort and style.

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People of Shibuya: Technical Apparel with Italian Style

Dressing is not only a matter of taste and glamour, but often also concerns the practicality and functionality of what you wear. People of Shibuya is a brand that speaks of fashion, which doesn't overlook style but mainly focuses on technological innovation in creating the fabrics of its exclusive outerwear.

Designed for those who love to travel, for those leading a dynamic life, crossing multiple landscapes in their daily and long-distance journeys. The name pays tribute to the Shibuya area of Tokyo, a crossroads of inspiration, young, vital, and composite, vibrant with energy in every corner.

The values of People of Shibuya

The company aims to create garments that span seasons and last over time: they are technical pieces that prefer functionality over the trend of the moment, so you can easily wear them from one year to the next, made with quality materials that do not deteriorate with use. The brand's values ​​can be summarized in four key points: technology, for the attention dedicated to creating high-performance and functional products, design, thanks to their basic and contemporary aesthetic, highly versatile, comfort, and quality.

Not just clothing: People of Shibuya luggage

The attitude towards movement requires the right accessory, and this can certainly be your travel luggage, a trusted ally to make the most of your adventures. So, also discover the People of Shibuya suitcases, available in various sizes to find the one that best suits your needs.