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Whether you are passionate about fashion or not, you will surely recognize yourself in this great truth: clothing, and in particular women's clothing, which you wear talks about yourself, tells about your style and your way of being. And it is unique: it represents your way of exporting and presenting yourself and, in daily life, it can also be an indication of what you will have to face or your mood.

Your wardrobe is a mirror of your personality: every location and every occasion has its own outfit of choice, but you define the declination that suits you best. You can be elegant even in casual and accurate even in your gym looks, as you can bring some of your grit in more formal combinations.

Keeping up with the times, nowadays, it's all too easy: there are so many facets of fashion that you can choose between many ways of being and trends, and personalize them.

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Keeping up with the times, nowadays, is all too easy: there are so many facets of fashion that you can choose from so many ways of being and trends, and personalise them.

Gown and formal dresses on Khloè

Ceremony in sight? Choose and try on with free shipping one of the many evening gowns or elegant dresses, embellished with sequins, pearls, embroidery and precious fabrics such as silk, tulle and satin. Among our highlights are the Fabiana Ferri proposals and the Elisabetta Franchi dresses, a brand that has made evening gowns and formal dresses its speciality. Have a look at the surprising Red Carpet line!. Jumpsuits, both long and short, also stand out: if you can't do without trousers or want to experience an alternative to the classic suit, click and discover the world of jumpsuits. For example, you can choose a jumpsuit instead of the usual graduation gown or 18th birthday suit, becoming the star of your day even in style.

If the occasion is not so formal, you can also take a look at our mini dresses, with proposals from the most sensual to the most jaunty, for different fits and builds, to be worn with both heels and trainers. If your style is a bit teen, don't miss the Aniye By collections, always sexy and glam to the point.

Daily routine and leisure outfit

For your daily routine or leisure time, the choice is even wider! Do you love the comfort of clothes for going to work? Browse the category and find your day dress: Manila Grace, Twin-set and many other brands think up new models and patterns for you every year so you can feel stylish even in your daily routine. If, on the other hand, your days are dynamic and you prefer a look that allows you to run without heels and fluttering skirts, go for classic casual: jeans and a top, choosing from knitwear, or going for a shirt rather than a t-shirt. You'll find plenty to explore with Pinko and, last but not least, the Twin-set Actitude line.

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Why shopping online at Khloè

Whatever your style, the advantage of an online platform and online shopping lies in being able to look at a vast assortment of garments and proposals, no matter what your inclination or need. You can create your total look by completing your shopping in just a few clicks. From the freshness of daywear, to the luxurious elegance of evening wear, to the impeccable sobriety of a work outfit, discover our catalogue for every occasion and complete your look with the right outerwear. To be always yourself, but different, without renouncing to your style and comfort And if you want to live the shopping experience in company, with prepared and friendly staff ready to assist you in your purchases as if they were your dearest friend, you can always contact the Khloèfemme customer care: we will be happy to answer and advise you and become, little by little, your personal shopper! Free shipping in Italy.

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