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It is not the dress that makes the woman, but vice versa: it is the woman who makes a special garment, with her appropriate choice, her way of wearing it and creating the image of herself.

Day, evening, ceremony, free time: there is a dress that is waiting for you, designed for you and your opportunity to use it, to make you feel impeccable and comfortable. Browse the collections of Elisabetta Franchi, Manila Grace, Twin-Set, Carla G and more.

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The evening dress is a devil invented, cunningly, to make the women who wear it, and the people who admire them, dream. Charm meets elegance: they are often long and tight-fitting dresses, which bind and enhance the female forms or let them glimpse through sensual games of transparencies: tulle, lace, or organza, embroidery, and much more. Your event is not only evening but also gala? Dress up in luxury by choosing an Elisabetta Franchi dress from Red Carpet.

 Opt for a formal dress, instead, if you're looking for a dress as a guest or best man, as well as an eighteenth birthday dress. Aim for an original but also more rigorous design: the feeling of being looked at by everyone, but for the wrong reason, is certainly not the most comfortable! Choose from a variety of fabrics, such as laminated jersey or satin, or silk. The goal is to be elegant, never showy or vulgar, ready to smile at every photo shoot and capture your beauty. Consider the choice of the longuette dress (also called midi dress, inherited directly from the 50s): if you choose the right model, it can fit any age. If the ceremony, on the other hand, is a garden party or a cocktail party, short dresses, with balloon skirts or bon ton bows are also fine: the cocktail dress is also part of women's formal wear. Last advice? Don't exaggerate in tightness or necklines, especially if it's a religious ceremony. In that case, it's better to complete the outfit with shrugs, bolerini or stoles.

 Are you such a lover of the long one that you've made a lifestyle out of it? Good choice! Now that the long dress is not only elegant but can be as daily as others, it frees your imagination. Especially in summer, you'll find long dresses for every occasion, from beach parties to evening walks, to combine with flat or sports shoes, such as espadrilles, low sandals or sneakers. Suggestions? During the day maxi dresses with bright colors or prints, from flowers to stripes everything is allowed. Match casual accessories, such as shoulder bags and flat shoes. In the evening, on the other hand, unique colors (black, purple, dark blue and, according to the location, even red), and ok for drapes, transparencies and lace, with heeled shoes and bags of minimal size.

 The same goes for its opposite: the short dress, or mini dress.

 What can combine warmth with style and originality? It's a woman's knit dress! The new must-have for the winter that, thanks to its versatility, stands out in the women's wardrobe. An example? An Elisabetta Franchi knitted dress with buttoning can become a maxi cardigan to wear, you can wear it as a mini dress combined with cruissard boots or even as a maxi-pullover and combine it with a pair of leggings for a casual and practical look.


 Last but not least, the day dress: print, comfortable cut, "office" length: these are the characteristics of day dresses, typical of the woman in career or who loves to live the day from morning, without wasting a moment. Browse the proposals of Manila Grace, Elisabetta Franchi, Twin-Set and many others.