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<<A jewel lasts longer than a dress, and you don't have to worry too much about the possibility of changing the size or your hair color>>: do you agree that it is a great idea to give a gift to yourself or to your special person?

Khloè Femme has selected for you not just jewelry but quality brands that include, within their collections, jewelry that follows the mood of the season, always in step with the latest trends. You won't have a better way to create an outfit that fully represents you than this.

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Luxury Costume Jewelry Online

Women's jewelry completes your outfit with the detail that, if chosen carefully, will enhance your beauty and uniqueness. Do not underestimate the precious contribution of this type of accessory: jewelry illuminates and embellishes, making the difference in your overall look between sophistication and boldness. Have you already seen our online showcase? Several top brands that we have carefully selected for clothing accompany their offerings with exceptional bijoux: browse our pages dedicated to necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, and choose your favorite model and color variant.

Elisabetta Franchi Earrings and Other Bijoux

If you are a detail-oriented perfectionist, you will notice that seasonally created jewelry by brands reflects the mood of the collection, reproducing its inspiration, pendants, and colors. Among our leading brands that allow you to create the perfect harmony between clothing and bijoux, Elisabetta Franchi's jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings, certainly stands out. Following closely are Twin-set jewelry, always romantic with boho-chic notes that pair well with lace and the soft fits of this brand. A new entry is Miriam Nori's metal and PVC jewelry, combining the elegance of fine jewelry with the creativity and unpredictability of handmade women's jewelry: true jewelry-sculptures, unique pieces to illuminate and add color to your combinations. The description also includes the necessary measurements and materials used in the creation, providing useful information to give you a complete picture of your purchase. Please note that we are always available on Whatsapp to send you additional photos and videos of your purchase.

Last but not least: Khloe Femme is an official retailer of the featured brands. Therefore, each piece of jewelry will be shipped with its original packaging: an extra incentive to choose a bijoux when you need to give a gift to a special person.