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Elisabetta Franchi La mia Bambina arrives on Khloè to make the dream of our EF lovers come true: coordinating her outfits with the little ones in the family, or being able to give a precious gift or even finding an outfit for a special occasion signed by one of the most famous on the Italian scene. With the Elisabetta Franchi children's line we open up to the world of children's and teenagers' fashion: let's explore it, Sales and New Arrivals!

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La mia Bambina Elisabetta Franchi: available online on Khloè

The Elisabetta Franchi La mia Bambina line is designed to create impeccable looks for the little girls at home: a small lady full of style, without giving up the dynamic and playful part of kids' clothing. And with an additional advantage: the ability to create mother-daughter outfit combinations in a 'mini-me' style by combining your Elisabetta Franchi outfits with those of La mia Bambina inspired by the women's line.

Elisabetta Franchi girls: features of this brand

If you love Elisabetta Franchi, you will love Elisabetta Franchi Bambina: you will find the same attention to detail and distinctive style of the women's line in these proposals for the little ones. In girls' clothing, you will find patterns (such as the CC logo pattern that immediately makes the brand recognizable), as well as logo plates and ornamental gold buttons. And not only that: sack dresses like very practical sweat dresses, one-piece jumpsuits, and skirts in quilted faux leather are just a few of the models shared with the main line. Regarding colors, in addition to white (in various cool and warm shades) and black, a color rarely used for children's clothing but here introduced in the name of its undeniable elegance, the typical pink of the baby line dominates the brand. Accessories complete the look, to create real total looks like those of moms.

La mia Bambina size guide

Style is a lesson that begins to be learned from a very young age: you can create your Elisabetta Franchi wardrobe from the first months of your little girl's life, with rompers, jumpsuits, bibs, sheets, and more for newborns from 0-3 years. La mia Bambina is also a clothing line that grows with your child: you can continue to dress her in dedicated clothes from 3 years old up to 12+. Do you still have any doubts about the fit? Consult our Size Guide