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Whether you're a winter lover or not, in this selection of clothing you'll find reasons to appreciate the cold even more: the possibility of wearing one of these sweaters or sweatshirts!

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As you'll soon discover, there are solutions for each season that embrace the beauty of knitwear – with its characteristic texture or softness – but in more or less lightweight yarns. Pinko sweaters, for instance, epitomize elegance and style, often characterized by generous fits, perfect to pair with skinny pieces to create volume-play in your silhouette. Some models, like Aniye By sweaters, tend toward the oversized, offering a youthful and casual touch to your outfits, featuring exclusive and captivating prints. You can make your outfit even more dynamic with sweaters of varying sleeve lengths or asymmetrical cuts, adding movement and originality to your style. If you seek comfort without compromising style, Elisabetta Franchi sweatshirts are always a viable option, distinguished by different prints and cuts each season, ensuring a unique design that complements many pieces in the collection. Coordinated with joggers and versatile all-around, there are offerings from Gaelle Paris.

Versatility of Knitwear: Cardigans

Without straying from the comfort realm, cardigans make their entrance: that knitted garment we love to wrap ourselves in when it's cold or leave open and flowing in spring, worn over a t-shirt or a shirt. If you love long and comfortable cardigans, take a look at Twin-set models, among which you can find long and ample proposals. For a touch of elegance, Elisabetta Franchi cardigans offer more refined options, sometimes marked by the brand logo or enriched with glamorous details. The versatility of the cardigan allows you to wear it in various situations, from gloomy days with a cup of hot chocolate to formal evenings over a chic dress.

Collection Sweatshirts: Elisabetta Franchi and Beyond

With sweatshirts, we delve even further into the realm of true fashion: often, sweatshirts, not only from famous sportswear brands, become true style objects. Elisabetta Franchi sweatshirts are characterized by different prints and cuts each season, with a design that allows you to wear them with many pieces from the collection. Whether you prefer a hooded or non-hooded sweatshirt, cropped or long, with a drawstring at the waist or a classic cut, you can find the model that best completes your days, carrying with it the distinctive style of each brand.