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Whether you're a winter lover or not, in this selection of clothing you'll find reasons to appreciate the cold even more: the possibility of wearing one of these sweaters or sweatshirts!

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The knitwear we offer includes sweaters and cardigans for different occasions of use but all with one goal: to make your winter more feminine!

But not only that: as you will discover, there are also solutions for other seasons that have all the beauty of a knitted garment - with its characteristic texture or softness - but in lighter yarns.

Knits often have an abundant fit, in some cases (such as Manila Grace knitwear) tending to oversize. They are perfect to wear with skinny garments to create volume effects in your silhouette, or you can even shape them by emphasizing the waist by matching a belt. You can also find them with different sleeve lengths or asymmetric cuts that will make your outfit lively, and certainly not trivial.

Sweaters, on the other hand, are the typical comfort garment for the coldest days of the year. If they have braided patterns or patterns, they have all the charm of handmade vintage garment. You can find some examples among the Elisabetta Franchi sweaters, crew neck or turtleneck depending on your needs (and temperatures!). You can find more shaped sweaters, which gratify your shapes by gently adhering to them, as well as large and comfortable, for those grey afternoons in which you only want to have hot chocolate with friends. Because of their versatility, a sweater can be worn with a tulle skirt or with a pair of jeans: just know how to choose and play with combinations and, if you want advice, we are always at your disposal to create out of the box looks!

Without moving from the field of comfort, cardigans arrive: that knitted garment that we like to hold on to when it's cold or leave open and fluttering in the spring, worn over a t-shirt or shirt. You'll find more or less elegant ones, sometimes simply marked with the logo like the Elisabetta Franchi cardigans, or enriched with applications. If you prefer a long cut, check out Manila Grace cardigans, a brand that often features a comfortable and plentiful fit.

With sweatshirts, however, we are even more in the field of real fashion: in fact, often sweatshirts, not only of famous sports brands, become real objects of style. No longer relegated only to the world of sport or comfort, although certainly casual, they make their entrance into everyday life and do so forcefully. For those who know Elisabetta Franchi sweatshirts, this does not come as a novelty: EF sweatshirts are in fact characterized by different prints and cuts every season, with a design that will allow you to wear them with lots of items in the collection.

In the Khloè Femme catalogue you can also find Manila Grace sweatshirts or Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirts, characterized by the contrasting logo or the iconic prints of the brand.

Hooded or without hood, crop or long sweatshirts or with drawstring at the waist: you just have to choose the model that best completes your days.