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From the dawn of fashion until today, if there is a garment that has never left the female universe is the skirt. And, if through the centuries it has come down to us and manages to be a very valid alternative to trousers almost all over the world, there are at least two reasons: great ability to adapt to trends... and great ability to charm!

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Leather miniskirt
Leather miniskirt
Leather miniskirt
Leather miniskirt
Leather miniskirt
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Dear you reading, know that in this selection there is definitely a type of skirt suitable for you and can either make you fall even more in love with this type of garment or make you waver in your preference always and anyway a pair of jeans. The models are so varied, with different lengths and widths, that you can find the one that can make you feel comfortable and admired. And if you can't find it, you can always write to us to ask for advice!

What do we have to offer you? A lot! And we also give you some basic tips, in doing so.

For example, pencil skirts, based on the fabric, can be particularly suitable to create an outfit for work or for a formal appointment as well as for an evening in which to stand out for "sexyness": this is the case of the leather pencil skirt, like those often proposed by Manila Grace. The same applies to high-waisted skirts, whose potential lies in the way in which they emphasize your shapes, from the waist to the way in which they slip or wrap along the hips.

The miniskirt, however elegant it may be, normally has its place in your free time and certainly outside the work environment. There are Elisabetta Franchi miniskirts made of fabrics that are not at all discounted, that recall the trends of the season, and other more classic ones such as the denim skirt or the vinyl or eco-leather miniskirt: in any case, they are delicious if well matched and worn at the right time.

The skirts that we like speak to us a bit of a retro spirit and certainly bon ton. They tend to be made of satin and characterized by delicate prints: this is the reason why we see them well for ceremonies, combined with bodysuits or shirts and high heels.

What about the longuette? If the first image that comes to mind is an old and grandfather model, the answer is no: do you know that the most refined and sensual skirts of EF are just longuettes? In fact, everyday models are flanked, for example, by midi skirts in Elisabetta Franchi tulle that play with volumes, overlaps, transparencies and embroideries. Garments so impalpable and delicate as to create an enchanting effect around you: are you sure you don't want to take a look?

Finally, long skirts are a must, especially in summer: if you like the maxi dress effect, think about how many combinations you can create from a long skirt alternating only the tops. Choose long skirts with a high waist, especially if you are not very high in your turn. If you have long legs, go for a low or regular waist, otherwise use your height with a longuette skirt.