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Among the jewels you will wear, those that will attract the attention of the beholder will be the earrings: so close to the face that they can not go unnoticed. They enrich or refine your outfit, add light to your hairstyle and makeup, define who you are in everyday life: what kind of earrings are you?

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In Khloè Femme's selection of earrings you'll find a wide choice of pendant earrings, hoop earrings and more. They are usually made of metal with a screw or clip closure (in the case of heavier pendants, so as not to damage the lobes) and take up the leitmotif of the current collection to give you the opportunity to create a total look complete in every detail.

Pendants, fringes, rhinestones, plexiglass: many materials chosen to create your perfect bijoux, as in the case of the earrings Elisabetta Franchi. Find out how to complete your set with a necklace or find the belt that, surprisingly, takes up the same style of your jewelry.