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What to pair with everyday jeans or elegant trousers that need a sober undercoat? You're in the right category to find the answer: t-shirts and tops for all your needs in terms of use and style!

From the most casual, to the most fun, to the most elegant, have a look at our outfit proposals and let yourself be surprised by the versatility of the garments we have chosen for you.

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T-shirts for every occasion: Khloè's choices

Not all T-shirts are made only for leisure or your more carefree outfits. In particular, we are thinking of Elisabetta Franchi T-shirts, designed by the designer to be paired even with the most elegant pieces in her collection, such as embroidered tulle skirts, creating an extraordinary glam effect through the contrast of fabrics and the combination of prints. Often, EF T-shirts are true iconic pieces of the collection: from logo tees to prints depicting the designer's world. They also feature applications in tulle or metal, such as tinkling charms or chains, adding a precious and exclusive touch. We can also see them paired with wide-leg or high-waisted skinny pants for evening outfits to be completed with high heels and a mini shoulder bag.

Equally iconic in their simplicity are Gaelle Paris T-shirts, with rhinestones applications, and Pinko T-shirts, featuring the logo in lettering or Love Birds version: an essential garment to complete your various looks, also to be used as an informal and colorful undershirt. Wear them comfortably on cooler days, pairing them with cardigans and playing with colors.

Certainly more distinctive are the T-shirt offerings from Aniye By, with exclusive prints often created in collaboration with other brands, from MTV to Hello Kitty, for pieces that represent the gritty soul of each season and add an exclusive touch to your looks.

Tank tops and crop tops for your outfits

In this category, you'll also find tank tops and tops that, likewise, can have various purposes. You can find tops in various fabrics with lace inserts or made of broderie anglaise, signed by Twin-set, which become delightful combinations for summer and equally for creating more formal outfits. Make the most of them, for example, with high-waisted pants and create a complete look by adding a jacket, or with pencil skirts.

Adorable for every season are the Elisabetta Franchi knitted tops. Often featuring a crop cut, perfectly matching with the brand's many high-waisted bottoms, you'll find them in different colors and designs to mix and match as you please, completing with jackets and cardigans as needed.

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