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From the most sporty to the most elegant: whatever your idea of style in terms of jackets or down jackets, here you will find the model that suits you best. Browse the selection that Khloè Femme has created for you and choose your new autumn/winter look.

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Not all outings are made for showcasing a coat; perhaps you prefer to spend your leisure time or commute from home to the gym wearing something more practical and everyday. This is where jackets come into play: crafted in various materials and with different types of padding, from the elegant Elisabetta Franchi jacket to those made of technical or waterproof fabric.

Jackets and Puffers for Every Silhouette

Jackets and puffers for women constitute a fundamental part of winter clothing, not only for their practical and functional aspects but also for the variety of styles and models that can adapt to different body shapes. When choosing a jacket or a puffer, it's important to consider the shape of your body to ensure a favorable fit.

For women with a typically hourglass figure, quilted puffers or fitted models can highlight the silhouette without adding unwanted volume. Shapely jackets that cinch at the waist, such as those from Patrizia Pepe, as well as puffers with a belt from Elisabetta Franchi or the classic flared model from the brand, are particularly flattering in how they emphasize the feminine figure, creating balance in the overall look. Additionally, horizontally quilted puffers can contribute to creating the illusion of more pronounced curves, providing warmth without compromising style.

For women with a curvier physique, oversized jackets or those with straight cuts can be an ideal choice. These models offer comfort without sacrificing style, gently enveloping the figure without being too restrictive. Slightly longer puffers can help streamline the figure, while details such as belts can define the waist, creating a more elegant line.

Choosing the Right Padding for Outerwear

The differences between types of padding are crucial when selecting a jacket or a puffer. Goose down padding, although not as prevalent, is known for its lightness and superior thermal capacity, keeping the body warm even on the coldest days. Increasingly sought after, synthetic padding is not only more affordable but also provides a cruelty-free alternative for those who have embraced this ethical stance, without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the garment. Both types of padding have their advantages, and the choice depends on personal preferences and climate needs.

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