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As comfortable as a bag, or maybe even more for capacity and ease of transport, with a diversity of materials and shapes that makes them real additions of style to your outfit: backpacks are no longer just for trips out of town or to go to class, but are the new trend of urban style!

Bring a backpack with you in your free time or for the day, and look for the super compact and trendy proposal for the evening, maybe choosing leather backpacks with details such as stones or studs.

Manila Grace backpacks are in line with the brand's trend: essentiality and practicality. Filiberta backpacks are spacious and made of leather, without too many ornaments: they are accessories that you can easily use, adapting them to many of your outfits. Marica, with its metal details and studded with small studs in various sizes, has a more gritty soul.

Karl Lagerfeld backpacks, on the other hand, are more sporty and have external pockets and straps. Finally, Elisabetta Franchi backpacks are chic at the right point: they adopt the main fabric of the season, there is no lack of space organisation and the double C logo makes its appearance to communicate to the world who is the inspirer of your style!