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Complete an outfit, brighten up that jersey with a colour that doesn't convince you, light up an evening dress, draw attention to the right shapes: that's why you can't absolutely give up a necklace.

Whether it's discreet or flashy, choose which one to wear, taking into account the occasions of use and the dress code, but without forgetting that every choice you make must also talk about you and your style.

Each necklace has a name and a way of being worn, and therefore outfits of choice.

For example, the collar or choker, looks great with a crew neck top or with off-shoulder necklines. The necklace, with or without a pendant, is the top for neckline and sleeveless dresses. A medium length necklace, normally with a pendant, is called a matinee and will be perfect for your office outfits, high neck tops or crew necks. A plastron necklace, like the necklace with stars Elisabetta Franchi, is ideal to wear with sober and minimal evening outfits, to make them explode with light and beauty without running the risk of weighing it down. Finally, the long necklace, depending on the material and design chosen, can be suitable both during the day and in the evening, for casual combinations as well as for the most refined evening dress.

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