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Although originally not designed for women, trousers are now one of the most exploited and desired garments by the female world on many occasions: from leisure, to work, to ceremony, to sport. Are you ready to discover the vast selection of Khloè Femme?

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Paillettes trousers
Paillettes trousers
Paillettes trousers
Paillettes trousers
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So many options that you've lost your way? Use filters to facilitate your navigation: wide-leg pants, high-waisted pants, flare pants, and so on, finding outfit inspiration and usage destinations for each model.

Our top brands: Elisabetta Franchi trousers and more

Many models, but also many brands to choose from. Every season brings excellent proposals for leisure as well as formal occasions, allowing you to create a complete outfit to your liking with the many jacket options we have for you. Certainly top for elegance, you'll find numerous models signed by Elisabetta Franchi, from the classic wide-leg pants with gold buttons to the more minimal chinos with a logo on the waist. Many models and colors: the palette of each season is varied, allowing you to find what best suits you and your occasion.

Equally elegant and versatile are Twin-set pants – knit pants stand out in winter for comfortable and stylish solutions – Pinko and Patrizia Pepe. More glam, with bold prints and eye-catching fabrics and a teen spirit, are definitely those from Aniye By, including leggings designed for various body types, from the classic skinny model to the flare model.

Present in every season, with different variations and usage destinations, are also shorts and Bermuda shorts: certainly more playful or sexier garments in some circumstances, revealing the legs in a completely different way than the usual mini dress.

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New collection and outlet trousers

If you browse Khloè exploring all categories and using filters, you'll notice that there are many proposals at different price ranges: you'll find the sale selection and unique pieces in the outlet, with evergreen pieces that can be your comfortable solution at a comfortable price. To visit the latest trends, navigate within the New Collection: you can't go wrong in choosing what's in style, complete with total look inspiration for your combinations.

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