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Although originally not designed for women, trousers are now one of the most exploited and desired garments by the female world on many occasions: from leisure, to work, to ceremony, to sport. Are you ready to discover the vast selection of Khloè Femme?

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So many brands to choose from, so many lengths and so many colors: we have so many that we can find the perfect combination that matches your taste, your physicality and your need for use.

Let's start with a classic: Capri pants. Their intermediate length, about half-calf length, makes them particularly suitable for women with a slender figure. If you're small in size, you'll want shorter models that tend to go below the knee, or reduce the "shortening" effect by slimming it all up with a pair of heels. You can use the same trick if you have a few centimetres more on your hips, in addition to the choice of a dark shade: a high heel can often be a beauty secret.

Browse the proposals of Capri trousers by Elisabetta Franchi, Twin Set, Department5 and more.

Skinny pants or wide pants? If you love adherence (for the extreme, take a look at the leggings), browse the Elisabetta Franchi range of skinny trousers and, as you could do with the capri model, create personalised suits by combining matching jackets in the same colour that you can find in the special section. If you prefer more comfort without sacrificing elegance, take a look at the palazzo trousers. We have many proposals, mostly characterized by high waist, which you can adorn with a belt when not already present, and wide and monumental leg . The golden rule for palazzo trousers? Even in this case, if we are in a formal context, high heels!

Among the wide trousers, instead, you will find more everyday style solutions, such as the soft Manila Grace trousers, usually with a regular waist and a long or crop cut, and the fantastic Elisabetta Franchi knitted trousers: practically a second skin to wear, perfect with t-shirts and bodysuits from the collection.

Who's happy with flared trousers instead? Their vintage charm will never cease to fascinate generations of women, but not all of them are favorite to wear them. The tendency is to shorten the lower part of the body thanks to the flared bottom: you need to be tall and don't fear the optical effects, or you have to use your ace in the sleeve, otherwise known as the high heel above, and opt for a high-waisted model that stretches the legs. And there's more: if you're a beautiful curvy, it's the pants for you: the flared creates balance in the silhouette.

Last but not least, shorts. No longer just relegated to the sports or casual world, shorts are becoming more and more chic and jaunty and rise in level in your wardrobe. Elisabetta Franchi shorts are made from a variety of fabrics and patterns, often high-waisted and accompanied by sash to tie at the waist. Perfect to wear with sandals, pumps and wedges, an original way to be elegant. What if you're looking for sportswear? Watch out for the shorts from the Elisabetta Franchi  Moves Line!