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<<Tired of carrying my bags by hand and losing them,I added a strip and put them over my shoulder>> said the great Coco Chanel when in the early twenties, revolutionizing the concept and design of this accessory. Can you imagine a world without shoulder bags today?

The shoulder bag, a must have for every woman who perfectly meets her needs for practicality and style. A variety of designs and materials for this iconic object that accompanies us in our days. And fortunately!

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You can find a crossbody bag for every occasion of use, from the most daily and practical to the most elegant for your special appointment. Not only does the material count in the choice of your next purchase, but also the dimensions, which go hand in hand with the needs of the daily tourine. There are exceptions: some bags, like some Elisabetta Franchi models, are equipped with several types of shoulder strap to allow you to use them at different times. An example? The adjustable grosgrain shoulder strap for the day, the golden chain shoulder strap for the evening.

The Karl Lagerfeld crossbody bags are minimal and squared, often characterized by the metal application of the recurring figures of the collection, Karl and the cat Choupette. They are designed for sophisticated but certainly not formal outfits, for modern women who do not give up showing their most playful side.

More simple and basic are the Manila Grace crossbody bag, in line with the clothing and accessories designed by the house for those who, without renouncing to high quality invoices and in step with the times, do not give up comfort and practicality, especially in everyday life.

In the Khloè Femme catalogue you will find many models of crossbody bags and of different brands. In the description keep an eye on the size because the same bag can be present in several variations: you will find it even easier to find the one that suits you!