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In the bag there is the world of women: even in the smallest there is everything you need for the adventures of every day. And how do you live your day? Choose an accessory that tells you something about yourself!

Shoulder bags are the best for the day. Their design is practical: they are often spacious and suitable to carry everything you need for you. You can choose a rigid and more elegant handbag for office or business appointments, or a practical and versatile Manila Grace bag. If you prefer to focus on style, look for an Elisabetta Franchi model: always in step with the latest trends in colours and fabrics. 

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Choosing a Bag to Buy

What is the first question to ask yourself when you need to purchase a bag? First and foremost, think about everything you'll need to put inside, which is closely tied to the occasion for using your new accessory. Can't do without anything? Not only will you need a spacious bag, but also one that is super durable! Twin-set handbags, such as tote bags or shoppers, are perfect for you: everyday, simple, and versatile. More distinctive, but still suitable for the purpose, are Patrizia Pepe bags, available in a multitude of colors, some specifically designed to stand out. In metallic or matte colors, with a basic and always modern design, they are made with quality materials to endure over time. Speaking of ample sizes, you can also browse Michael Kors, one of the most well-known brands worldwide: and if everyone knows it, it might be for its unique and recognizable style combined with impeccable craftsmanship.

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Bags by Elisabetta Franchi, Pinko, and other glam brands

If, instead, you are looking for a stylish accessory that is not necessarily huge, Elisabetta Franchi bags or the iconic Pinko bags could be right for you. Not bulky, highly original, changing every year according to the season's trend, and offered in various color palettes in addition to the classic black and white. A mini bag with a handle can become your best ally for the evening, from the more casual ones with leather or grosgrain handles to the chic ones, like handbags with multi-chain handles. Quilted or flat, both brands offer recognizable bags, always accompanied by the logo placed on the flap or reproduced as a pattern: anyone who sees you with it won't have any doubts!

In vogue and eye-catching are Gaelle Paris bags: adorned with rhinestones or full sequins, details that are not just details, there is always something that will make your Gaelle bag stand out.

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