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Have you ever felt so comfortable in your coat, fashion in your trench coat or well protected wrapped in your fur that you think "What a shame to have to take it off!"? If you choose one of the coats proposed in our selection we would like you to feel like this: pampered and beautiful in your new purchase!

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Winter is not everyone's favourite season, but maybe one way to make it more bearable is to wrap yourself in a nice coat that gives extra meaning to your city walks. Or maybe you're one of those who enjoy the comfort of a fur collar and a hood over your head? Either way, you're in the right section.

Whether it's a spring trench coat or a winter coat, we're talking about a feminine fashion classic. Our proposals are varied and designed for various physicality and tastes. If you prefer the comfort of an oversized garment, choose a straight coat, like a Manila Grace coat. If instead you are looking for a garment that dresses like a dress, with the right fit and enhancing the silhouette, choose a tired coat, as you can find in Elisabetta Franchi, often accompanied by sashes or to which you can freely match a high-waist belt.

If, on the other hand, you love the charm of furs and would like to wear one without feeling like aCrudelia Devil, choose an Elisabetta Franchi fur: they are all made according to cruelty free and environmentally friendly parameters. They are beautiful faux furs whose performance does not differ from a real fur in terms of quality and beauty. Always read the composition of our garments to choose your favorite one.