5 Trends + 1 You'll Love Next Winter - EF Special

5 Trends + 1 You'll Love Next Winter - EF Special

It's now a practice: there is no Elisabetta Franchi fashion show without us from Khloè being present! So, even for the presentation of the AI23 collection last Saturday, February 25th. Spoiler time? Absolutely yes!

We have identified trends that will be protagonists of the upcoming season, and we want to give you a sneak peek: it's better to be prepared, right? Especially because some of them are real challenges to our habits...

Cargo Pants for 2023

In all variations: tracksuit style, denim version, elegant version: to have an updated wardrobe, cargo pants are the way to go. The gamble? Stop thinking of them as workwear bottoms or for outdoor activities, and start imagining them with decolletes and golden buttons. Too difficult? Not for fashion: here are some examples that will leave you stunned when they hit the runway…


Autumn/Winter Trend: Green

Have you gotten used to bright and vibrant shades? Fluorescent green or lime, like the one proposed by Patrizia Pepe for the current season, remain as legacies and are enriched with other nuances, ranging from petrol green to army green to much, much more eye-catching tones.

Are you still thinking that green is not a color for everyone? With so many shades available, all you have to do is find yours and debunk a myth!


Never Ending Love: Purple for 2023

Are there still shades of purple to explore? Apparently yes, and in the case of Elisabetta Franchi, they are far from abandoning the pastel mood of PE23. A color that becomes beautiful when applied to fluid and shiny fabrics, creating an effect that elevates femininity to the stars, halfway between dreamy and sexy.


Elisabetta Franchi AI23 Collection: Beading

Embroideries of beads characterize the outfits of AI23, used to create actual designs on the figure or highlight the silhouette's shapes. From the Red Carpet - beautiful! - to tops and miniskirts, and even in accessories and jewelry, do you know why?

Because this collection looks back in time - as often happens - combining Art Deco inspiration with a 1930s mood, for a fascinating and seductive retro taste.


Elisabetta Franchi and Aviator Style

It was 1932 when Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean: and it is her model, and not by chance we are still in the thirties, and women aviators that inspire the looks of this collection. Once again, the theme of travel, but this time Elisabetta Franchi's woman is no longer just a passenger but a pilot: an upgrade that speaks of freedom, initiative, modernity. A style that ranges from jackets to belted jumpsuits to leather jackets with lapels.


...As long as it sparkles!

Rhinestones, studs, sequins, lurex, gold details: light is the true protagonist of this runway, and in general of the upcoming season. Get ready to go out with sunglasses even at night: this winter will be dazzling!


Where to Buy Elisabetta Franchi Online?

If it still seems too early to talk about next winter (after all, who has even seen summer yet!), maybe what you need is a breath of fresh air for spring/summer.

If you're curious to discover the trends of the upcoming season, we have an article for you too: click HERE to read it.

If, instead, you want to browse the catalog of the new arrivals from Elisabetta Franchi PE23, you can find the entire catalog on Khloè Femme, with new pieces to add to your wishlist every week. Where? Just a click away!


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