The most beloved designer in Italy: Elisabetta Franchi

From the Celin B brand to the logo we all know today, Elisabetta Franchi has realized not only her dream, but also that of so many fashionistas who have found in her brand a new style. A story of passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that has led EF to be known worldwide.

Elisabetta Franchi designer: the beginning

Elisabetta Franchi's origins present her as a true "self-made woman". She was born in Bologna in 1968 to a family of humble background but, despite a thousand difficulties, her determination and passion helped her to complete her studies, define her dream and move closer to it. 

She soon enters the fashion world, initially as a saleswoman. Even this experience will come in handy: it will be the starting point for her to understand the needs and tastes of customers, to study the latest trends

In 1996, with the opening of a small atelier together with five collaborators, Elisabetta Franchi made her first garments. Thus, two years later Betty Blue S.p.a. was born, through which she produced the CELYN B collection. What does the B stand for? For "Betta," of course, her nickname!


elisabetta franchi stilista storia brand celyn b


From atelier to Elisabetta Franchi Company

The next step is the purchase of an old pharmaceutical company where to set up the Maison's headquarters: it's 2006.

Elisabetta Franchi tells Vanity Fair, "I put my name, my face, my life. I put everything, I put the essence of my being. I think today the world wants to know who is behind a dress, what thoughts, what projects. And I don't hide".


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Elisabetta Franchi, in fact, will put her own name on it: from 2012 she starts signing her garments, giving birth to her namesake brand.
Finally, in 2013, she is in Milan to celebrate the opening, in the Italian city consecrated to fashion, of the first of many Elisabetta Franchi showrooms.

Very active on social channels, where through stories she tells about the everyday life not only of her company but also of her life as a woman, mother, wife and entrepreneur, her presence also began to become televised. One example is the documentary aired on Real Time made for Discovery Italia entitled "Essere Elisabetta," which talks about memories and emotions, from the beginning of her career to her success. It is the tale of the realization of a dream: if her admirers are used to Elisabetta Franchi's great communicativeness, thanks to the way she (us) makes them participate through social media (just search Elisabetta Franchi on Instagram to get an idea!), Being Elisabetta makes her even more real and close, presenting her as a model of what a woman can achieve and be nowadays.


Love for animals

Can a major fashion brand compromise with its designer's love for animals? Furs, shoes, bags: Elisabetta Franchi is a cruelty free brand.  The company produces only eco-friendly furs and the commitment is not to use materials that come from animals. You can read more on the subject HERE.

Her concern for the animal world does not only show in this choice of hers. Her beloved dogs (so many at home and so many in the company!) are starring with her in the current collection, represented in cute prints or sequin embroidery on dresses and T-shirts!


elisabetta franchi stilista storia brand animali cani cane cruelty free



Elisabetta Franchi 2023: in continua evoluzione

The Elisabetta Franchi spring summer 2023 season moves forward lightly with its holiday style designed to take you on a journey inside your wardrobe and take you to South America. One's days are filled with Argentine lace and pampas tribal prints, an inspiration that sweeps through all clothing and accessories, with fringed, chain and aged gold, raffia sandals and themed prints that you will also find in Elisabetta Franchi cocktail or formal dresses.

But this is just a quick preview. All the news about the EF world we tell you in real time inside our blog, with a space aimed at all Elisabetta Franchi fans and curious. In the EF special section of this blog you will find our articles dedicated to the designer, new collections, the latest trends and style tips to create your next outfits by combining together prints, colors and inspirations.

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