Wedding Outfits 2023: our guide with Fabiana Ferri

Spring is back (hopefully!) and ceremony time is back: how we have been waiting for them! Mobile phone galleries will be filled with romantic and colourful shots, in dreamy locations and with dresses that are just as dreamy: at least, hopefully that too!

From top to flop is a short step, but luckily the rules to keep in mind to avoid a style slip are not so many (but all sacred!). We'll have a chance to go over them together in the course of this article in which, as well as giving you some useful information on the ceremonies of 2023, we'll take the opportunity to introduce you to the new collection of one of the top elegant brands in the Khloè Femme catalogue: Fabiana Ferri!

Mistakes to avoid in your look

Are you the bride? No? Then don't even look at white, cream, light écru and anything that might make the photographer confuse you, make the bride look at you wrongly and make the guests point at you, albeit discreetly.

The 'pointed at' effect is also triggered by other unsuitable choices:

  • red (if you just can't resist, go for more pinkish/orangey coral tones, perhaps only present in the pattern or in the background of the dress, thus more subdued)
  • purple (notoriously the colour of ill omen, which you can replace with wisteria or lavender, lighter, pastel and more enjoyable);
  • black (but only during the day: a nice sheath dress with a stole still makes its figure, but only in the evening and with a few touches of colour in the accessories).

Other things to leave at home:

  • bags that are too big (if you're a mum, bring two: a small one to match your outfit, one with the necessaire for the baby) and with coverings of dubious taste such as straw, raffia, strange prints
  • shoes with wedges, of any material (if you really can't stand heels, better a low or wider heel or a flat jewel sandal than a wedge);
  • dresses that are too short, too tight and leggings: do we really have to comment? You're at a wedding, not a club!

Wedding outfits 2023: 'VIP' guests

And by VIPs we mean: bridemaids, sisters of the bride and groom, mother of the groom and, why not, of the bride.

Without competing with the bride or mistaking the red carpet of the church or venue for the red carpet of the Oscar ceremony, your job is to stand out from the other guests but without excess and extravagance. Yes, that's right: yours is the most complicated outfit.

What do we start with? Covered shoulders especially in church, as you will always be in the front row (but Fabiana Ferri dresses are all fitted with a stole for this very reason), and preferably also after the ceremony if it is the mother of one of the bride and groom. Or at least: no thin straps and off-shoulder necklines if you want to aim for a really, really flawless outfit. And now, on with the proposals!

Ps: find the proposed dresses in the selection below


We are looking at an important dress, which we see well on a sister or a best man: flashy to the right point, it puts together a top in coated fabric that hugs the breasts and ends with a draped waist, and a long embroidered skirt that will test the photographer's ability to calibrate the flashes. The bronze colour is a pass-par-ut: it's good by day, it's good by night.




The slit is deep, but the generous skirt and important top make them suitable for a mother-of-the-bride outfit, even more so for the groom. Similar in intent, they differ in detail. Both simple and luxurious, the first is embellished with a jewelled belt at the waist, the second with an asymmetrical matching accessory. In both cases, you can replace the belt with, for example, a metal strap to give your personal touch, or remove it altogether. Do we like it for a bridesmaid? Yes, we also like it for a bridesmaid.


 For a particularly youthful mother who does not want a classic outfit but a more colourful and sparkling one, and in general for VIP guests, there is also this proposal which, abandoning the classic idea of rhinestones and organza, is a little bolder. The protagonist is this embroidered top with a wide open back, combined with a watercolour print down to the floor: alternative but perfect, complete with stole and belt.



Extremely youthful and lively, both in the powdery version with vertical ruffles, and in the coral version, with oblique ruffles repeated on the one-shoulder neckline. The effect is that of a 'petal-like' flower around the silhouette, well shaped from the waist, marked by a matching belt, upwards. Perhaps too voluminous to appear next to the bride and groom at the important moment of the signatures, perfect for other VIP members of the ceremony: the sisters, who will also have to distinguish themselves from the host of bridesmaids. 

Wedding outfit 2023: 'normal' guests

That is, those who won't appear in at least 50% of the photos (official, though: people also go to weddings to take a few hundred selfies and photos all gussied up). For you there is more freedom of choice, although the golden rules from before apply. Here are some ideas for your summer ceremonies.



In the cedar variant it can be enjoyed for both daytime and evening ceremonies, this Fabiana Ferri long dress so elegant and so gentle on the silhouette, which gratifies without exaggeration. The plunging neckline draws attention to the bust, but it is the back that is the real discovery: entirely open, but easy to manage even for church ceremonies thanks to the presence of the matching stole (which you can replace with a shawl or something that still makes you feel comfortable). Close-fitting but not too tight, loose and soft from the knees down: perfect.



A fuchsia version, to marry the colour trend of the season, this garment gives you the monumentality of a dress but the practicality of trousers. Customise it with a jewelled belt at the waist and manage the sash at the neck as you like: it can become a bow at the back, or go around the nape of the neck and reappear at the front. Very important: adjust the height of the heel to the extreme length of this jumpsuit (or vice versa!).


 As we have already said, black should only be chosen in the evening, and there is another unwritten rule that should be respected: if you just can't give it up (and that's why we're proposing a piece), make it midi-length: neither long, which would be almost too bulky to see, nor mini, which would bring you back to a different kind of circumstance. Extra tips? Accessorise in colour to further tone down the Addams tone of your outfit: white or coloured sandals, paired with a clutch, and bright, albeit discreet, jewellery.
Or, you can confine black to one part of the outfit, breaking it up with one or more colours, as in the case of this Fabiana Ferri long dress. If you like the black effect on your complexion, make the most of the black top of this dress, with embroidered flowers on the shoulders and a deep V-neckline, but paired with a skirt that is enough to make a party: an imaginative and lively explosion, perfect especially for afternoon-on-evening ceremonies.



 If extreme colourfulness is not for you and you want to opt for an outfit that is elegant, sober and graceful at the same time, there is a proposal for you too. Fabiana Ferri proposes this long, flowing, empire-cut dress with a play on thin straps that delicately adorns the back. Even the colour is a perfect compromise: not garish but not flat either, perfect from morning to evening.

Fabiana Ferri: Khloè's ceremony outfit brand

We wanted an Italian brand that offered a different kind of elegance from that proposed by our other historic brands, such as Elisabetta Franchi. A more classic elegance, with cuts that are recognisable as evergreens, fabrics that have always gone hand in hand with ceremony, but at the same time with touches of modernity that make the outfits current and enjoyable for a woman of 2023. Fabiana Ferri responds perfectly to this need: alongside midi sheath dresses, pleated dresses, raffia and satin, we find coated fabrics, asymmetrical cuts and bright colours. These outfits are perfect for important ceremonies, such as weddings, or for the star, such as an 18th birthday girl.

You can see them all HERE and start browsing the outfits we have chosen for you from the selection below.

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