Karl Lagerfeld

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«Fashion must be consumed immediately. The best that can happen to a dress is to be worn. Not to be exhibited in a museum»: is one of the famous phrases of Karl Lagerfeld, designer and icon of the fashion world.

In his long career he started creating his own brand in the '90s, although the actual launch of the brand comes in 2011. Karl Lagerfeld's style is fully in line with his artistic vision: to be an icon, to wear iconic garments and accessories that combine classic and timeless refinement with modernity "to consume immediately". Sunglasses, ponytails, starched collars: these were your distinctive features, which we can also find in the logo that reproduces his profile.

Its line provides many details not only of your outfit, but of your lifestyle: you can be followed by Karl from breakfast, with his set of cups, to holidays, with travel bags and trolleys.

Karl Lagerfled's clothing focuses on iconic details, leaving the shapes classic and simple. You can see it, for example, in Karl Lagerfeld t-shirts or sweatshirts. They are basic garments, often in a single colour, but with prints that reproduce the ikonik Karl or his cat Choupette, a pattern that you can also find in scarves and fuoulard.

Karl Lagerfeld bags are also evergreen models: clutches, shoulder straps, buckets or practical shoppers complete your look in a sober way, with squared and clean lines, selected materials of the highest quality and iconic details. And why not complete with a wallet or purse from the same brand that has the same characteristics of quality and style?

Create your own Karl travel set: trolleys, Weekenders bags, document holders. What if it rains? There are also umbrellas!