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Twin-set clothing

Among the many Made in Italy brands we can be proud of, there is certainly the Modena-based Twin Set, a project by Simona Barbieri, creative director, and her husband Tiziano Sgarbi: a story of quality, good taste and style that has its starting point in the Twin sets - and in knitwear in general.

Without forgetting the fundamentals, the brand today expresses itself in every fashion field, imprinting its idea of femininity all over the wardrobe: clothing, shoes, accessories and, last but not least, the Twin Set bags.

The Twin Set spring summer collection proposes elegant and simple dresses at the same time. Two main features are striking: the choice of quality fabrics even for the most casual and everyday clothes; the attention to the feminine silhouette, with cuts that often give the possibility to personalize them with sashes or belts to create fits. Wonderful dresses or suits in lace stitch, of a sexy and refined elegance to take with you to every event.

If you prefer to consult the catalogue of previous seasons, don't forget to browse through our Twin Set outlet: you'll find many occasions at exceptional prices, with sales up to 70%.