How fits Elisabetta Franchi clothing?

How fits Elisabetta Franchi's clothing is perhaps one of the most frequent questions we receive from our customers.

Of course! Although buying online has so many advantages, such as being able to order and receive everything with a few clicks, it has one limitation: not being able to try on the garment before buying it.

Even this, however, is a limitation that is easily overcome: it is the doubt of those who buy a particular brand for the first time. Once the fit is experienced, it tends to remain more or less standard throughout the collections, making it easier to navigate the many sizes.

Our flagship brand is Elisabetta Franchi, and your curiosity is mostly focused on just that. So many different fabrics, each with its own elasticity, different cuts and different lengths: how to orient yourself to choose?

Choose your size on Khloè Femme

Let's start with a first, very useful tip: the model wearing the clothes for our catalog wears in most cases a size 38, more rarely a 40. If hers coincides with your size and your shape is similar to that of the girl in the picture, you can take a cue from our images.

In the description accompanying our garments you can also find other useful tips. First of all, the fit: slim, comfortable (for garments that better fit your shape) and loose (for garments that do not necessarily have to dress skinny). Also in the composition, when present, you will be able to see the percentage of stretch material in relation to the main fabric of the garment: it will come in particularly handy when choosing trousers and denim, in relation to the percentage of cotton contained.

How fit Elisabetta Franchi dresses?

Many will tell you that its garments fit "small." Let's understand more about this.

Elisabetta Franchi dresses are mostly designed to enhance your silhouette, and as such they need to be well-fitting. They tend to be very fitted, shaped or with gathers at the waist to highlight it. One of the peculiarities of these is that they often have appliqués right at the waist or allow you to match belts from the same collection.

Among Elisabetta Franchi evening dresses, tulle dresses are the ones you need to choose most carefully. The fabric is very delicate, mostly non-stretchy and fits true to size.





How fit Elisabetta Franchi clothing?

T-shirt: have a mostly fitted, slightly comfortable fit and are usually made of cotton or modal (so somewhat stretchy).

Trousers: most styles have a fitted fit, defining and accentuating the silhouette. At the bottom they come down straight or flared in palazzo and flared styles, but the brand always aims to enhance the waist with bands and straps.

Jeans: they range from skinny jeans, to straight maybe cropped. Sizes usually range from 25 to 32 and the measurement at the waistline follows the Italian size.





How to be sure you purchased the right size?

We at Khloè Femme are always here to guide you in your purchases. If the size guide you find on the site has not clarified your doubts, write us on WhatsApp or social your doubts and we will see if we can help you by recommending the best for you, including more photos of the garments and measurements in centimeters of the various lengths and circumferences. It will be almost like trying on the dress for real!

What if you receive the garment anyway but something doesn't feel right once you've tried it on? You can always return it within 14 days! Read our return policies to take away any doubts about the services available to you.

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