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Ogni collezione Elisabetta Franchi è pensata per darti il giusto outfit in ogni momento della giornata ed in ogni circostanza, oltre ad essere completa di accessoriscarpeborse gioielli per permetterti di creare degli impeccabili total look. Uno stile sempre riconoscibile nel suo cavalcare - o creare - nuove tendenze: una ricercatezza tutta votata alla femminilità, al capo che segue le linee della silhouette e la valorizza tirando fuori il naturale charme di ogni donna.

Dopo aver provato la vestibilità e aver sfoggiato la bellezza degli abiti Elisabetta Franchi non sarà facile tornare indietro: sarà un'esperienza che darà una svolta al tuo modo di intendere l'eleganza congiunta alla sensualità, tanto nei tuoi outfit casual che per i tuoi vestiti da sera, vera e propria cifra stilistica di questo marchio made in Italy.

La collezione PE24 Elisabetta Franchi è pronta a stupirti: sfoglia il catalogo e rinnova il tuo guardaroba in grande stile.

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Elisabetta Franchi Online Clothing

Originally known as Celyn B, Elisabetta Franchi is now one of the most acclaimed names in Italian women's fashion, loved by celebrities and women of all ages. The collections for each season offer clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes designed to create total looks suitable for every event or moment of the day. Thanks to a sensual and unprecedented idea of elegance, many choose it for their special occasions: the eighteenth birthday dress, graduation outfit, ceremony attire, and more.

Elisabetta Franchi: A Choice of Femininity

Elisabetta Franchi dresses are designed to enhance the female body. From more casual and simple day dresses to long evening dresses with tulle, lace, and embroidery, as well as short-cut solutions for more glamorous events. Meticulous in detail, they are often complemented by accessories such as belts and cords, culottes, and underskirts to ensure maximum comfort and fit. Discover all the ceremony dresses in the selection we have dedicated to your important events, along with jumpsuits, jackets, skirts, and pants.

Create office or leisure looks by playing with iconic t-shirts and Elisabetta Franchi jeans, always characterized by gold chains, thematic pendants, fringes, and much more. You will also find many types of tops: soft blouses, refined and always current Elisabetta Franchi shirts, and Elisabetta Franchi bodies, among the most eclectic and versatile pieces in her collection.

Refine a Look: Outerwear and Elisabetta Franchi Accessories

Every look has its perfect complement in outerwear and accessories. Jackets and outerwear include models ranging from the classic leather jacket, reinterpreted according to the inspiration of the season, to coats and elegant jackets. Fun and tempting, if the season is right, don't miss a look at Elisabetta Franchi's down jackets.

And the bag? Choose the shape and the way to wear it according to your needs: many Elisabetta Franchi bags have removable shoulder straps and handles, so you can adapt them to your needs. Enhance and complete your outfit with shoes, finding the right model and the right heel height. Finally, refine and illuminate with jewelry: bijoux that reflect the soul of the collection, an addition of class and sophistication.

Elisabetta Franchi La Mia Bambina

From 2023 on Khloè, you can also find the fashion line dedicated to the little ones at home: from 0 to 12+ years old, you can dress your little ladies inspired by what you like to wear, creating coordinated outfits for colors, patterns, or prints. Check out our online catalog dedicated to the sweetest line there is: discover Elisabetta Franchi La Mia Bambina on Khloè.

Elisabetta Franchi Sales

On Khloè, you'll find a selection of hard-to-find items: opportunities to buy at very advantageous prices. Discover the items on sale and Elisabetta Franchi outlets. And if you need help? Contact us on social media or WhatsApp!