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“Me fui”, traduzione di “me ne sono andata”: un’aspirazione, un invito, il richiamo irresistibile della fuga verso il bordo piscina, una spiaggia assolata, una città in riva al mare. Un brand che porta già nel nome la destinazione d’uso delle sue proposte: è il marchio dedicato alla moda mare delle sorelle Rodriguez, e che di queste incarna la loro visione di divertimento e charme insieme.

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Me Fui swimwear: bikinis and monokinis for your vacation

Me Fui, a name that is full of meaning, that tastes of escape, of vacation, of summer. The sisters Belen and Cecilia Rodriguez created this brand in 2014. The inspiration came from a trip to Patagonia taken by the eldest, Belen. Finding herself immersed in that magical atmosphere, cinrconded by guardas pampas, the typical Argentine decorations, she thought of dusting off an old idea: that of creating a beachwear line that was inspired precisely by those sensations and fantasies.

This is how Me Fui's proposals were born: an inspiration not only from Argentina, but from all of Latin America, as told by the prints of the swimsuits, recurring and declined according to always different inspitation.

New Me Fui collection and outlet

Different lines for each collection in which you can find your own inspiration: from the most classic costumes to the most sexy and brazen, passing through exotic patterns, floral and the ever-present animalier.

What if you want to buy costumes on Me Fui sales? Check out our outlet and browse past collections to find your bargain!