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Semplicità e naturalezza si uniscono a uno stile dinamico e moderno. Questo è ciò che rende unico il brand  Semicouture. Immergiti nella collezione e scopri come ogni capo acquista dei vibes del tutto nuovi, perfetti per un look all'insegna della praticitià e dello stile personalizzato.

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Semicouture clothing: another Made in Italy gem

In 2009, Italian designer Erika Cavallini founded a new brand, giving the name Semicouture to her debut in the fashion world. The vision, or perhaps the mission, of Erika and her brand is to create a bridge, a missing link, between haute couture and ready-to-wear clothing, offering an idea of style that brings together elegance and refined craftsmanship with a modern-day practicality. Since its inception, Semicouture has quickly gained a reputation for its distinctive aesthetic and attention to detail.

Who Semicouture clothing is for

Semicouture's style stems from the contamination of the classic imprint of haute couture with contemporary, pop and jaunty elements, which are especially evident in the choice of colours and certain cuts. The result is a sophisticated femininity, with clean lines and impeccable silhouettes given by attention to wearability. Attention that cannot but fall on the choice of high quality fabrics, such as those selected by Erika Cavallini for her creations. The Semicouture proposal does not have a single intended use, but ranges from elegant and formal dresses to casual chic, and is completed by shoes for everyday and event wear.
Semicouture is aimed at a woman who appreciates fashion with an eye for quality and design. Those who wear Semicouture are sophisticated, cosmopolitan women who want clothing that reflects their individuality without compromising on comfort: flared dresses, loose-fitting sweaters, oversized shirts and versatile outerwear, where simplicity dictates style.
From the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection, Semicouture is a new online brand on Khloefemme: discover the items we have selected for our catalogue, be inspired by our outfit suggestions for your seasonal looks and enjoy shopping in the name of exclusivity.