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The delicacy of Twin-set, with its lace and refined fabrics, combined with the flair of some models and some prints, is unique in our catalogue: a very recognisable style, where you can find every piece of your wardrobe, including shoes and accessories.

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Among the Made in Italy brands that we appreciate the most, there is certainly the Modenese Twin Set, a project of Simona Barbieri, creative director, and her husband Tiziano Sgarbi: a story of quality, good taste and style that has in Twin Set - and in knitwear in general - its starting point. Without forgetting the basics, the brand today expresses itself in every fashion sphere, imprinting its idea of femininity on the entire wardrobe: clothing and accessories that stand out for the choice of quality fabrics and original, delicate cuts that enhance feminine lines without ever turning to excess.

Twin set Milano PE21 moves from the bright shades of fluorescent colours to the exotic notes of Indian flower prints, to dive into the waves of the Mediterranean with whites, blues and sangallo lace. Chemisier with kimono sleeves, or even asymmetrically arranged flounces follow one another in the Twin set long dresses, with new designs to show off both on holiday and in the city. The Twin-set elegant and formal dresses also stand out: a simplicity made up of soft, close-fitting fabrics, lace inserts and long fringes that accompany movements.

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