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Simplicity doesn't always win the day: more often than not, well-selected accessories can give your look a nice level up. Browse our selection of Elisabetta Franchi accessories (scarves, belts, foulards) to find that extra touch that makes your look complete and feminine, with everything you need to feel comfortable in your outfit.

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Discover Elisabetta Franchi PE22 accessories to complete your outfits. Wear light-heartedly the basic and maxi-size scarves in various colours that recall the prints of the season, or tie them to the shoulder straps of your bags to have them as an ornament and ready to use when needed. Emphasise the waistline of dresses, jumpsuits and oversized garments with a high-waisted Elisabetta Franchi belt, choosing your own from a wide palette of colours available season after season. If you want to add a touch of luxury, choose a chain belt: gold metal will be the right way to brighten up your outfit, together with jewellery.