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With charms, chains, fitted and not skinny: Elisabetta Franchi jeans are perfect for the daily routine of brunch with friends and shopping bags, as well as for those evenings of high heels and clutches.

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Elisabetta Franchi Jeans

They are "lifesaver": the garment that you can wear in so many contexts, so classic that it is appropriate most of the time, to which you just have to match the right top. But if versatility isn't enough of a prerequisite, along with the durability and practicality of these trousers and their lovability, we'll quickly bring out another: if you find the right jeans for your silhouette... it's like finding a friend: a treasure!
We'll give you a few quick tips, but just consider the general lines: every rule has its exceptions and you might find a model that makes you feel comfortable even in the most unthinkable of designs!

Jeans: skinny, high-waisted and palazzo jeans

Skinny jeans fit like a second skin: tight and shaping, they are perfect for those with a well-balanced shape and a slim waist. If, on the other hand, you have very thin legs, go for more voluminous models, such as palazzo jeans: you can find lots of Elisabetta Franchi palazzo jeans that are extremely versatile and practical, often decorated with removable chains or pendants that you can use at your discretion.
If you're not very tall, one way to create an optical "leg-lengthening" effect is to choose high-waisted jeans. There are several examples of Elisabetta Franchi denim with removable ornaments or jewelled buttons (usually in light or antique gold). Avoid, however, low-waisted jeans or jeans with ankle cuts, which tend to make the leg even thinner.

Elisabetta Franchi flared denim

Flared jeans look particularly good on curvy women: they wrap at the right point (i.e. where there are beautiful curves to be enhanced) but the flaring at the leg creates balance in the figure and in the outfit in general. The same goes for straight-leg jeans, examples of which can be found in Elisabetta Franchi denim.
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